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Dara Sampson

Dara Sampson

Dara Sampson is a social worker with 30 years experience in direct practice, corporate leadership, teaching and research. Sampson has co-authored journal articles, book chapters and research grants and reports; presented at conferences nationally and internationally; and, recently, was invited to be interviewed on her thesis as part of a series of podcasts.

Before joining the Centre for Brain and Mental Health, Sampson taught social work at University of Newcastle and, prior to that, worked in Centrelink both in direct practice and as a senior leader. Sampson’s current work at the Centre for Brain and Mental Health involves managing projects that aim to help people struggling with depression, anxiety, alcohol and/or drug abuse, as well as family members who are caring for someone affected by mental illness or substance abuse.

Samspon’s PhD topic is the use of fictional literature in social work education. Creative ways of teaching which challenge more traditional didactic models is at the base of this passion; as is reading and its capacity to make change in people’s lives.

Apart from that, Sampson is also currently researching natural disasters, climate change and social justice, and is part of a University of Sydney team researching and co-authoring a book on the subject. Sampson also teaches social work at the University of Sydney.