Sharon J. Boyce

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who would sit at her father’s knee and listen as he read a bedtime story. As she got older, he began reading chapter books to her and her siblings and they would beg for “just one more chapter.” Once a book was finished, she would read them over and over again herself. Now that girl is a grown-up and writes bedtime stories for other kids. She hopes they are the sorts of stories that kids want to read over and over. If you haven’t figured it out, that girl was Sharon J. Boyce. Boyce believes in magic, that somewhere dragons are hiding, and that trees are the best of all growing things. All around us are whispers of stories waiting to be told. She loves camping and adventures, animals, and, of course, reading. One day, Boyce would love to have a pet donkey… and a wombat… and an owl… Instead, she has a dog, a cat, and some fish.