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Graham Davidson

Graham Davidson

Having wanted to be an artist since he was old enough to hold a pencil, Graham Davidson is a professional creative with over 40 years experience in a broad range of creative fields. In the early 80s he was one of Australia’s pioneers in special effects and computer animation. He also has extensive experience as a director, editor and cinematographer. His work in advertising has been recognised with over 30 national industry awards.

His first solo exhibition as an artist was in 1992 at the Lake Russell Gallery in Bellingen and he has had several solo exhibitions since then and twice won catergories of the Maitland Art Prize. He has taught drawing and animation both at TAFE and privately throughout the years and currently provides training in special effects software for industry prfessionals.

In more recent times Graham has also turned his hand to writing and book design. In 2017, he teamed up with children’s author Emily S Smith to establish an early childhood literacy initiative, Storytime Lane. He has written several books for a YA audience and in 2020 founded and directed the inaugural IF Maitland Indie Writers Festival featuring 47 events across 6 venues.

His web development experience includes the world’s first clinically tested and proven online CBT therapy program focused on treating drug and alcohol related depression