Participating Artists for 2023

Venues and artist bios coming soon!

Peter Mottershead

Louise Hagerty

Sally Thomas-St Clair

Ellen Warner

Macela Preciado

Kel Titchmarsh

Fiona Johnson

Jonothon Martin

Amanda O’Bryan

Dave Keen

Rebecca Tucker

Kimberley Swan

Tina White

Helena Newcombe

Ebony Bennett

Ebony Hyde

Julie Purdie

Emma O’Neill

Natalie Spindler-Grebert

Hunter Valley Grammar Year 10 Students

Gavin Fry

Emily Davidson

Annabelle Gordon

David Keen

Special Guest Artists

Special guest artists are not in the running for prizes

Graham Davidson

James WilleBrandt

Andrew Bennett

Winners will recieve:

  • First Prize: $500 Cash for the best display of artwork in a window
  • Second Prize: $250 cash for the best individual work
  • Third Prize: $250 encouragement award

Note: All participating artists MUST be present at award ceremony on Saturday, October 28, in order to receive the above prizes.