Daily Acts of Creativity offers readers a way to identify and unlock their creative style while opening the heart, hands and mind to living an imaginative life. This beautifully illustrated, uplifting book is full of techniques to silence the inner critic and re-imagine creativity as a state of wellbeing. As an award-wining artist, designer and successful creative business owner, Amanda O’Bryan found her way back from feeling stressed, overworked and a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. In Daily Acts of Creativity, Amanda poignantly shares her story, describing how she felt she lost her creative self during this time. The journey back to that integral part of her life began when she incorporated small daily acts of creativity throughout her recovery. Readers will find over 100 every day quick, fun and whimsical activities to delight the muse. Each activity is designed to explore playfulness and embrace experimenting with colour, scent, sound, taste and the texture of life. There are no hard and fast rules, no judgments made and no experience necessary. Readers are simply encouraged to reflect, play and journal the experiences as an opportunity to nurture creative growth. Daily Acts of Creativity is a heartfelt re-set for anyone on a course to finding greater contentment and a happy, healthy creative life full of love.