For as long as she can remember, Indie has lived with her aunts on a secret island, waiting for the mysterious Grandma Helki to come. But Grandma Heiki doesn’t come. Instead she sends Kai, the boy who will lead Indie to a stolen kingdom, a fabled sword, and the family Indie thought she had lost. A powerful story about courage, resilience, and friendship, perfect for kids of all ages. ‘Emerald Child was an absolute delight. It just flowed so effortlessly. I honestly couldn’t put it down.’ – Daya Madden ‘I’m 11 years old and I loved this book. It was amazing!! As I turned the pages, my mind was in the book. I could never stop. I am so anxious for the next books to come out!’ – Maeli, Hong Kong ‘A delightful and intelligent story from a clearly gifted author. My daughters were absorbed with it from the start and still comment on it being amongst their favourites.’ – Callum, Sydney