Become a Festival Volunteer

Fill out the form below to register your interest in volunteering in 2022

Community-based festivals are viable only with the support of volunteers. The selection of responsibilities available to volunteers is diverse. Before and after festival events, volunteers assist with bump in and bump out. Volunteers ensure guest speakers find their venues at the appropriate times. During keynote speeches and panel discussions, volunteers will act as ushers. After events, volunteers reset the stage and refresh the jugs of water provided for speakers. Prior to the beginning of the festival, volunteers help hang artworks for the IF Maitland Art Fest. When scheduling the roster, we will consider what events volunteers wish to see.

In appreciation of their support, we will do our best to guarantee off-duty volunteers a seat at events they wish to attend (due to COVID-19 restrictions, volunteers must nominate the events they are interested in prior to the festival). After the festival, all volunteers will receive a free e-book of their choice from the HWC catalogue.

The following form is available for you to register your interest as a volunteer for the 2022 IF Maitland Indie Festival to be held on the weekends of Oct 21 – 30 2022. Further information will be made available when the festival program has been finalised